a whimsical portrait series fusing our past, present & future
Our Best Selves portrait series was born when nature and art converged at the Dunskey. The secluded, 17th century castle estate nestled on 2,000 acres of Scotland’s western coast treated seventy spirited guests to a midsummer night’s dream. For three nights, we wandered the grounds in wardrobes inspired by themes spanning mystical Shakespeare, fine art, and semi-formal Scottish class.
Immersed in a magical canvas of gorgeous souls, I chased this project across the party. Throughout the cocktail haze and rave infused debauchery, I invited costumed party-goers aside for a portrait. We’d find a charming corner of the estate and I’d guide them through three prompts, each shot an exploration of aging transformation.
“First, let’s go back in time. Channel your best self as a child. She’s here at the castle in this room. Go!” Snap.
After pausing, ridiculous faces and playful gesture emerged. “If my best child self were here, she’d be jumping,” one said, her eyes lighting up. So, she jumped. Others shuttered, avoiding a look back in time. 

“Next, we’re here and now. Channel your best self in this midsummer moment.” Snap.
Shifting to the present, they leaned into confidence, dynamic beauty and brilliant pride. The imaginative energy of costume, castle, and company enticed a glowing acknowledgment of our best selves today.

“Finally, to the distant future. You’re old as fuck...But still your best self.” Snap.
Confronted by the prospect of aging, some shifted their bodies to soreness, hunching over with the creaking bones of “old as fuck.” But many paused before projecting conviction in the person they will become: bolder, sexier and assured. Honoring our best past and present selves unlocked optimism for our best future selves.
My love for portrait photography stems from its ability to freeze somebody’s essence in a specific time and space. As I shot this series, I began to question that paradigm. I observed glimpses of each subject’s life as they pondered and posed who they were, who they are, and who they hope to become. If photography freezes time, this series seeks to capture the breadth of a lifetime in a single image.
Below are select portraits from my book: Our Best Selves. 
I invite you to find the child, the present, and the matured in each image. Most of all, I invite you to reflect on how you’ve grown into your best self today while imagining how you will transform into your best future self.
Our Best Selves is now available as a limited-edition coffee table book.
Special thanks to my dear friends Thom and Michael for dreaming up and manifesting a castle party; to our hosts Ali and Anne for transforming the Dunskey Estate for magical getaways; to the Dunskey team for making every detail perfect; and to all the artistic friends who trusted me to capture their beautiful, best selves.
Sincere appreciation for all of you have supported my art by ordering Our Best Selves, Volume 1.

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